# 4’2017

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Velysesevich, M. K., Pospishna, O. V., Krasnovydov, O. V.
Aspects of the implementation of European legislation on public services for the carriage of passengers by road

Kislovsky, P. V., Pukha, V. M., Yashchenko, V. M.
Prospects for the use of hybrid drives on cars

Avilov, A. I.
Development of the concept of a wheel of military wheeled vehicles for transportation of a mobile unmanned vehicle (print in Russian)


Nagaichuk, V. M., Vyrozhemsky, V. K., Kishchinsky, S. V., Kopinets, I. V.
Cement-concrete mixes are an effective material for road construction

Zolotarev, V. O., Efremov, S. V., Koryuk, V. P.
The first experience in assessing the segregation of asphalt concrete mixtures by the European method

Litvinenko, A. S.
On the major shortcoming of the current method of static sounding as a field test method of soils

Vorozhemsky, V. K., Belenchuk, O. V.
Safety of pedestrians on the roads

Trushevsky, V. E., Naumenko, V. V., Veremeenko, L. A.
Improvement of the organization of traffic on regulated intersections

Jubilee: ​​Nikolai Petrovich Voloshin – 85!