# 3’2017

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Agarkov, O. V., Shevchuk, K. Ya., Ivanina, Yu. I.
European program for the development of auxiliary power plants for road transport on the basis of solid oxide fuel cells

Fedorov, V. V., Yanovsky, V. V., Yashchenko, D. M.
Single chamber jet noise muffler with variable frequency response

Chernyak, R. E., Dun, C. V., Pavlenko, O. V.
Improvement of the technical and operational performance of trucks-dump trucks of the KrAZ of heavy duty trucks

Voytkiv, S. V., Kurach, B. V., Nemy, S. V.
Development program of domestic bus, trolleybus and electricbuilding for the needs of urban and suburban passenger transport (concept)

Slavin, V. V.
Fuel characteristic of the car with faulty electronic engine control system actuators)


Redchenko V. P.
Dynamic test of bridges: regulatory support

Solodkyi, S. Y., Dumich, I. Yu.
Natural tests of concrete pavements

Makovskaya, Yu. A.
Levels of service in long-term contracts for current small repairs and maintenance of highways

Tolmachov, S. M.
On the issue of the use of lean concrete, sealed with boulders in the bases of roads

Zolotarev, V. O., Malyar, V. V., Koryuk, V. P., Svinarev, M. O.
Determination of the content of grains of grains of the plate form according to EN 933-3

Baran, P. I., Buryak, K. O.
Effective transitional curves for transport constructions