# 1-2’2017

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Radzyuk, AM, Klymenko, OA, Ageev, VB, Novikova, A. M.
Concerning the Concept of the National Transport Model of Ukraine

Belokur, I.P., Gordonna, Yu.O.
Assessment of personnel competence in non-destructive control of metal structures degradation


Radzyuk, A. M., Khabutdinov, A. R.
Main directions of improvement of traffic safety management

Popelish, D. M., Selyuk, Yu. M., Horpinyuk, L.V., Zhovtonog, O. O.
To determine the causes of traffic accidents on commercial vehicles

Radzyuk, A. M., Kovalev, S. O.
Prospects for the use of liquefied natural gas as a motor fuel for a vehicle

Sakhno, V. P., Efimenko, A. M.
On the question of evaluation of the roll of a monorail car and the redistribution of the reaction of the supports in the curvilinear sections of motion

Pozhidaev S. P.
About the new equation of motion of a wheeled car: a breakthrough in science or neglect of its methodology

Sokol, B. I., Nanivsky, R. A., Paraschuk, D. L., Grubel, M. G.
Influence of power characteristics of the sprinkler system on the smoothness of the car

Govorun, A. G., Klymenko, OA, Simonenko, RV, Nazarenko, MB, Shimansky, S.I.
Features of indicators of automobile engine in the process of working in unstable modes on compressed natural gas

Fedorov, V.V., Yanovsky, V.V., Yashchenko, D. M.
Enhanced complex resonant muffler noise

Belous, A. B., Pivtorak, G. V.
Analysis of methods of selecting the control points of the public transport route to determine the moment of correction of the timetable

Sharai, SM, Dehtyarenko, D.O., Yashchenko, V.M.
Implementation of the principles of logistics in the organization of transport services for international cargo transportation


Kishchinsky, S. V., Kopinets, I. V.
Improvement of the properties of bitumen and asphalt concrete by modifying the rubber crumb

Koval, P. M., Oksen, Ye. I., Poluga, R. I., Stoyanovich, S. V., Kovalchik, Ya. I., Nechiporenko, M. V.
Investigation of the stress-strain state of pre-stressed reinforced concrete slabs of the runway structure of the bridge after prolonged operation

Koval, P. M., Kovalchik, Ya. I.
Estimation of the operational condition of reinforced concrete bridges according to the criteria of crack resistance, obtained by the method of acoustic emission

Rutkovskaya, I. A., Gerasimenko, A. V., Zyuzyun, V. I.
Prior to the creation of a model for managing environmental risks in investment projects for construction and reconstruction of roads


Gaba, V. V., Grushevskaya, T. M.
Organizational and technological factors for the formation of demand for rail passenger suburban passenger transport

Novikova, A. M., Yurchenko, O. G., Rudyuk, M. V.
Economic and mathematical model of the New Silk Road of railway and ferry connection through Ukraine

Mironenko, V. K., Rudkovsky, S. V.
Why Ukraine needs a high-speed railway line of 1435 mm


Azarskov, V., Blokhin, L., Kurganskyi, A., Rudyuk, G.
Аnalytic design of the optimum control system for five-degree-of-freedom stand simulator of the spacecraft motion

Skrypets, A. V., Krasnov, V. M., Sagidayev, Yu. M., Luzhbin, V. M., Melnikov, D. Ye., Kireev, M. E., Smolich, D. V.
Construction and research of mobile automatic slider meter