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Analysis of Factors Affecting Driving in the Dark Time of Day

Abstract. An analysis of factors affecting road traffic safety from the point of view of driving a car in the dark was carried out, in particular, the technical condition of the car, tinting of the windows, lighting of the streets (roads), speed of movement, driver fatigue. It has been established that a significant number of factors require significantly greater concentration and esponsibility from drivers. Driving a car in the dark requires special knowledge, skills and attention. The technical condition of vehicles becomes a number of priority problems. Vehicle malfunctions that are not detected in time or not eliminated increase the likelihood of a Road Traffic Accident. The cause of a Road Traffic Accident, especially in the dark period of the day, may be insufficient visibility of the road situation by the driver, which is caused by the violation of the requirements for tinting the glass in the car. The driver will not be able to fully assess everything that happens on the road at night both in conditions of insufficient visibility and in the presence of bad weather conditions. At the same time, proper street lighting can help reduce the risk of road traffic accidents by improving pedestrian visibility, reducing the likelihood of accidents and providing safer road conditions for both drivers and pedestrians. Speeding and incorrect selection of the speed regime in specific traffic conditions is one of the main factors affecting both the number and severity of Road Traffic Accidents. Another reason for the occurrence of a Road Transport Accident may be the driver’s fatigue, which reduces his concentration and ability to drive safely.
Keywords: car, driver, road traffic safety, traffic accident, driving, dark time of day.

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