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Silencer-cooler as a Means Of Reducing the External Noise of the “Triton-01” Armored Vehicle

Abstract. The problem of camouflage of military equipment is extremely urgent. In this work, a certain improvement of masking properties is proposed by reducing the level of external noise for the Triton-01 armored car. The Triton-01 armored car is equipped with a remote-controlled combat module, a reconnaissance and target detection system, and an information transmission system. This armored car has a number of sources of noise, among which the exhaust system is quite powerful, that is, the noise of exhaust gases. This type of noise is reduced by appropriate mufflers. As practical studies show, at the moment the noise of exhaust gases of military equipment is not sufficiently suppressed by mufflers. We offer a developed complex muffler consisting of two mufflers connected in series: a single-chamber reactive muffler and a cooling muffler. A muffler-cooler of exhaust gas noise has been developed, which contains a hermetic housing filled with refrigerant, inlet and outlet nozzles and agas pipe for exhaust gases, made straight along the axis of the muffler and with shaped walls that provide the maximum perimeter in a given section. Passing through the gas pipeline, the exhaust gases give off heat to the cooling medium through its walls. The developed one is structurally different from the existing silencers-coolers: the contact area of the cooling liquid with the surface of the silencer is significantly increased. As a result of the cooling of exhaust gases, the speed of movement of the latter is significantly reduced, and as a result, the level of acoustic (noise) vibrations present in these gases. The work calculates the cooling system, which should cool the exhaust gases. A proposal was made to use a refrigerant that is prepared in advance for the combat departure of an armored vehicle. There are possible options for preparing the refrigerant: the armored car itself or a specialized mobile installation.
Keywords: armored car, “Triton-01”, noise, masking, silencer,exhaust gases, engine, cooler, refrigerant.
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