# 4'2022

In the issue:
Mateichyk V. P., Kovbasenko S. V. Prospects for increasing the environmental safety of motor vehicles with diesel engines
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-2-6

Fedorov V.V., Filipova G.A., Razboinikov O.O. Sound-absorbing complex as a means of reducing external noise of the BARS-8 armored car
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-7-14

Chovcha I. V. To the selection of structural and mass parameters of trailers for passenger cars
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-14-20

Kislovskyi P.V., Yashchenko V.M. Prospects for the use of “smart” charging for electric vehicles
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-21-25

Redchenko V. P. Static tests of highway bridges, new standard
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-26-31

Zolotaryov V. O. Superpave: pros and cons, or how Superpave is useful for us (Part 2)
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-32-38

Hrutba V. O., Spasichenko O. V., Pavlyuk M. V. Increasing the level of environmental safety of urban transport systems
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2022-4-272-38-44

International Scientific and Practical Conference “Road Transport and Infrastructure Development Prospects: Wartime Challenges”, December 14-16, 2022