Article 4 # 4 2020

DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2020-4-264-27-33
© Olga Sabanska, NTU graduate student, Head European Integration Division, ORCID: 0000-0003-0593-5959, (AsMAP Ukraine)
Abstarct. The current situation is considered on the development of safe and secure parking areas for trucks in Europe. The reports of the International Road Transport Union were analyzed on the European Union-funded project on Safe and secure truck parking areas for trucks in Europe and a final report on the study of safe and secure places for truck parking in the EU. The analysis of European regulations is carried out on road infrastructure safety management, specification of truck parking zones, rules of working time and rest of the driver, as well as Ukrainian legislation on these issues. With a view to provide a consistent definition of secure truck parking areas and a quality framework, an EU-wide rating system and security and service at SSTPAs has been defined during the study that included participation by all key stakeholders within the road transport and logistics sector. This rating system should now be implemented as a standard by a newly created EU expert group. The quality of the entire system and of the individual secure truck parking areas shall be guaranteed by ensuring that independent third party audits will occur for all secure truck parking areas within the system. In the future this quality system could also link to ITS solutions for the road transport sector. The implementing the study results in both existing truck parking areas and in new truck parking areas and thereby increasing the number of available secure parking areas throughout Europe, there is a strong probability that cargo crime and incident rates will be reduced significantly and that the security and well-being of truck drivers will be improved, thereby benefitting road safety as well. Recommendations for possible measures to improve the legislation of Ukraine are provided in terms of establishing the SSTPA in view of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement provisions.
Keywords: road safety, freight road transport, Safe and secure truck parking areas (SSTPA), EU Mobility package, driving and rest time rules of driver, Ukraine – EU Association Agreement.

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