Article 4 # 3’2020

DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2020-3-263-16-22

© Serhii Kovalov, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), Senior Research Officer, e-mail:; ORCID: 0000-0002-3107-530X (SE «State Road Transport Research Institute»)

Abstract. The advantages of the use of vehicles of liquefied petroleum gas as a motor fuel in comparison with diesel fuel have been substantiated. Expediency is shown converting diesels vehicles into gas internal combustion engines with forced ignition. An electronic control system for gas internal combustion engines with spark ignition has been developed for operation on the LPG. The system consists of two main subsystems, as well as a subsystem for controlling the filling of the cylinders with the charge of the working mixture. Subsystems are controlled by an electronic microprocessor control unit (hereinafter – ECU). The developed control system is capable of providing group injection of LPG into the inlet pipe of each cylinder into the zone close to the inlet valve. The principle of operation of the electronic control system for gas internal combustion engines with spark ignition is described. A special electronic microprocessor-based ECU Avenir Gaz 37 of level “B1” has been developed and manufactured. On the basis of the D-240-LPG gas internal combustion engine of level “A”, by replacing the power supply system and supplying the LPG (through the gas-air mixer) to the inlet pipeline with an accumulative multipoint injection subsystem of LPG of the Common Rail type, a gas internal combustion engine D-240-LPG of the B1 level was created “. Conducted tests of the D-240-LPG-B1 gas internal combustion engine with a developed electronic control system and an Avenir Gaz 37 level B1 ECU at idle. The tests have confirmed the efficiency of the developed Avenir Gaz 37 ECUs of the B1 level and the control system as a whole.
Keywords: gas internal combustion engine model Д-240-LPG-B1, electronic control system for gas internal combustion engine, electronic control unit Avenir Gaz 37 level “B1”, group injection of liquefied petroleum gas.

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