Article 7 # 3’2019

Volodymyr Karedin, Head of the Сompany’s Project Direction «Credo-Dialogue»;
Nadiya Pavlenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), KhNAHU, Representative of «Credo-Dialogue» in Ukraine; e-mail, ORCID: 0000-0001-5746-6221
DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2019-3-259-34-42

Abstract. CREDO RADON UA software provides an automated calculation of the strength of the pavement structures of non-rigid and rigid types, as well as the calculation of the strengthening of existing structures. In the article, one can see the main features and functionality of the CREDO RADON UA software, the main points in the calculations according to the new regulations.
Information support of the design process includes necessary databases, informational and helping materials that make up the full support of the pavement design process.
The concept of CREDO RADON UA 1.0 software is made on the use of elasticity theory methods in calculations of initial information models of pavements.
Performing optimization calculations, the roadwear in CREDO RADON UA is designed in such a way that no unacceptable residual deformation occurs under the influence of short-term dynamic or static loading in the working layer of the earth bed and in the structural layers during the lifetime of the structure.
The calculation algorithms were made in accordance with the current regulatory documents of Ukraine. CREDO RADON UA software allows user to create information bases on road construction materials and vehicles as part of the traffic flow for calculations.
The presented system of automated modeling makes it easier for the customer to control the quality of design solutions, to reasonably assign designs to layers of reinforcement, to quickly make comparisons of calculations of different designs for the optimal use of allocated funds.
Prospects for further improvement of the program should be the results of theoretical and experimental studies on filling the databases, which are used as information support for automated design of road structures.
Keywords: CREDO RADON UA, road, computer-aided design, repair project, road pavement, strengthening, construction, rigid pavement, elasticity module, a transport stream, calculation method, information support, dynamic or static loading.

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