“Avtoshliakhovyk Ukrayiny” is a scientific-and-industrial journal for specialists of automotive transport and the road sector, which has been released since 1960. On its pages. materials on modern technologies, scientific research and developments are presented, issues on organisation and economics of the industry and implementation of the quality management system of the transport-and-road complex are highlighted, as well as information on new operational and constructive materials is provided.

The Editorial Board of the specialised scientific periodical, Avtoshliakhovyk Ukrayiny, comprises of 15 Doctors of Sciences, including 6 Doctors of Economics, 1 Doctor of Chemistry Sciences and 8 Doctors of Technical Sciences, and 6 Candidates (Ph.D.) of Technical and 1 Candidate (Ph.D.) of Chemistry Sciences.

All articles published in the journal are single blind peer review (the author’s manuscript is forwarded to a reviewer by the production editor of the journal) or open review (direct collaboration between the author and the reviewer for improving the article) and are approved for publication by the decision of the Editorial Board. In our publishing activity we are guided by the provisions of Chapter 36 “Intellectual Property Rights for Literary, Artistic and Other Works (Copyright)” of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

It is released 4 issues per annum (March, June, September, December).

The Avtoshliakhovyk Ukrayiny may be subscribed at every post office via the Catalog of Periodicals of Ukraine of SE Presa Ukrayiny (our subscription index is 74000) or via the our editorial office: please send your request to the address: ikopanytsya@insat.org.ua The cost of one copy of the journal is 120,00 UAH