Article 1 # 1’2019

Oleksiy Klymenko, PhD, Deputy Head of Research Laboratory for Fuels Use and the Environment (RLFUE), Deputy Head of Road Vehicle Testing Centre (RVTC); Viktor Ustymenko, PhD, Head of RLFUE, Deputy Head of RVTC; Konstantin Kolobov, Head of Sector of RLFUE; Sergey Rychok, Senior Engineer of RLFUE; Mykolay Gora, Senior Engineer of RLFUE; Nila Naumenko, Researcher of RLFUE (the State Enterprise «State Road Transport Research Institute»)

DOI: 10.33868/0365-8392-2019-1-257-2-11

Absrtract. It`s given an analysis of the distribution of wheeled vehicles regarding values of mass specific emissions of pollutants obtained from the results of tests in the European driving cycle (NEDC) the group of 1109 used (second-hand) vehicles of category M1 of various brands (equipped with gasoline engines, which at the time of production were in accordance with federal environmental requirements of the USA), and imported into Ukraine from North America. The analysis included in particular distribution of pollutants specific mass emission vs. total mileage of 3 main vehicle`s brands of tested group consisted mainly of VW, Mazda and Ford. It`s also included statistical frequency distribution of whole tested group and for aforementioned brands individually in comparison with EU (“Euro-5”) and US (T2B5) emission limits, used for type approval and as OBD thresholds, including Ukrainian limits used for second-hand vehicles that does not approved in accordance to EU legislation or within the 1958 Agreement concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions of Approval and Reciprocal Recognition of Approval for Motor Vehicle Equipment and Parts. The analysis gives opportunity of comparison of established in tested group of one of the key European, Japan and US manufacturers of passenger vehicles regarding its emission values distribution based on NEDC test procedure results. It`s given the rationale for amending the current procedure for assessing conformity of this category of vehicles (“Approval of the design of vehicles, their parts and equipment”, approved by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine No. 521 dated 17/08/2012), taking into account cancellation at the end of 2018 (according to the Law of Ukraine No. 2612-VIII dated 11/08/2018) of “Euro-5” standards as the minimum requirements for the first registration in Ukraine of used (second-hand) vehicles of heading 8703 of the Ukrainian classification of goods of foreign economic activity.

Keywords: wheeled vehicles, passenger cars, emission of pollutants, regulation, setting of norms, certification, import of vehicles from the USA.


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