# 1’2010

In the issue:


Redziuk A. M., Novikova A. M., Yashchenko T. M. Applying the practice of a single ticket during EURO-2012

Ageev V. B., Merzhievsky V. V., Stolyarov A. L. Issues of introducing amendments to certain norms of international treaties and legislation of Ukraine concerning the manufacture and technical operation of vehicles

Makarov V. A, Bruner H., Chertock E. Yu. Control of the exchange rate car stability due to the improvement of the design of the tire

Mishchuk O. O., Horpinko Yu. L., Pavlovsky A. P., Bogayychuk A. V. Investigation of the efficiency of acid-alkaline complexes in the lubricants composition

Bregida F. M. To rational choice of methodology for assessing the technical level and operational efficiency of vehicle


Brain V. V., Bilan O. O., Golovko S. K. Testing the design of road clothes at the ring stand – successes, problems, perspectives

Zolotarev V. O. Deformation and strength indicators of linear visco-elastic deformation of asphalt concrete

Pavlyuk D. A., Fedor D. V., Bulakh E. A. Determination of geological parameters of road constructions (in Russian)

Redchenko V. P. Dynamic testing of road bridges. Development of methods and problems

Zhdanyuk K. V. Hydro-insulating protection of runway structures of bridges

Babiak I. P., Tereshchenko T. A. Mandatory testing methods for glass-plastic pipes on the basis of thermosetting binders with the ISO, DIN standardization system